My name is Allie Prosalova, I am a New York-based professional wedding and portrait photographer and creator of Alectric Photography a company that is dedicated to capturing love, beauty and adventure in a perfectly natural, effortless, and editorial photo. 

I started the company in the Summer of 2011 with my best friend Aida after realizing that we both shared a true love for photography, something that was deeper than just pressing a button and capturing a photo. We wanted to show the world that photography is a safe haven, a place where emotions and feelings and love can be poured into something beautiful, elegant and majestic. We beleive that the connection between a photographer and client is a special and intimate bond. And when we work together in sync, the resulted photos show a story that can ignite the world. 

Currently, I am photographing many gorgeous weddings around New York , with plans of expanding to all over the country. 

I'd be honored to be able capture your special day, so please contact me so we can discuss details!