21 May 2018

6 Tips for an Awesome Engagment Shoot

So you've just gotten engaged, Congrats! Now is the time for all the fun to start!

Sometimes my clients are all nerves before their upcoming engagment session. So for them to get as comfortable and as excited as possible for their engagment shoot, I usually share a few tips and tricks with them in advance.
Today I'll be sharing with you guys 6 Tips for an awesome engagment shoot.

Number 1: Location

When you picture your engagment photos, what do you see? Are you at the beach? In the forrest? In the city? In your home? Maybe it's a spot that holds sentimental value to you and your fiancĂ©? The place where he proposed, or maybe where you two had your first date, or first kiss?  Still not sure?  That’s totally ok! Really, it's not always about the location, as much as who you're there with. Many of my couples just leave choosing the location up to me. I have a location list that get's constantly updated, so we'll definitely find something that work's for you!

Number 2: Time of Day

Since I am a natural light photographer, my favorite time of day to shoot is the hour before sunset, also known as golden hour. That's when the sunlight is golden, soft and most romantic. Your photos will have a naturally diffused and airbrushed look to them, when photographing at the time of day. Also, if choosing a highly populated area, try booking your session on a week-day when there may be less people.

Number 3: Outfits

Some couples decide to do a few outfit changes during the shoot, in order to tell a story and to have more photo options. You are making an investment in your photos, so make sure to choose something you look fabulous in!
Some things that are important when choosing an outfit:

  • Make sure your clothing fits well- not saggy, not too tight that it looks uncomfortable, not raggedy
  • Plan your outfits according to the weather
  • Coordinate with each other. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, just something that goes well together
  • Not too busy. Choose prints/patterns that are more muted or basic, something that doesn't fight with your surroundings, or take away from the subject-you
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes in case you're heals become too tight or unbearable
  • Wear something comfortable, something you feel free in, something you feel beautiful in

Number 4: Hair & Makeup

Ladies, this is the time to get all dolled up! You'll probably have to schedule a trial for hair & makeup before your wedding day anyways, so why not do it on the day of the engagment shoot? I promise that you won't regret getting your makeup and hair done professionally. You'll look incredible and your photos will turn out that much more glamorous.

Number 5: Posing

Think about who you two are as a couple. Think about how you show affection to one another, about your boundaries, what makes you-you. During the shoot, I will often tell my couples to "be affectionate with each other". I state it that way because I know that every couple is different, and that everyone show's affection in different ways. Some couples are comfortable with PDA while other's feel as if their photos should portray innocence and have only the softest of touch. The photoshoot should reflect your personality as a couple. Most important, don't ever feel as if you have to do everything the photographer says. If you feel uncomfortable, speak up! Our visions won't always line up, so I always ask my clients to tell me if they don't feel comfortable doing something, or if they don't like a certain photo idea. Before the photoshoot try to think about poses that you like and images that you want. Look through google, pinterest, instagram for posing suggestions/ideas. Of course, as your photographer I will always have in mind poses and images that I want to create. But, I definitley always appreciate when my couples go into the session already having an idea of what they want as well.

Number 6: Have a blast!

I know that having a camera 3 feet away from you is hardly anybody's idea of fun, But these images are meant to capture your beautiful love story. They are supposed to be silly and informal and romantic and gushy and yes, even cheesy. We’ll turn some music on, dance around and have a blast. Sure, the first few minutes will be uncomfortable and possibly awkward, but I promise by the end of the shoot you'll be having an incredible time!

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