05 March 2015

Winter Photoshoot

We've had a pretty intense winter here in New York City this year. It's gotten to the point where it's actually been a struggle to get out of bed. All I've want to do is stay under the cover's with a hot cup of tea and Netflix! But really, as much fun as lounging around the house all day in PJ's really is.. you have to go outside sometime.. Right?

So that's what I did. I finally dragged myself outside the other day. Partly because my hermit habits were starting to get a bit ridiculous, but mostly because I promised a Bride I'd do some location scouting for her and her Grooms upcoming wedding portraits'.

I grabbed two of the prettiest faces I could find, and forced them out into the freezing weather with me. I mean, if you've got to suffer outside in the freezing temperatures all day, you might as well force your friends to do it with you, right? Hey, at least they got some cool looking photos in the end...


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